Publikacje Ernesta Wita w drukowanych magazynach haiku.

W kilku prestiżowych magazynach haiku (wydania drukowane), zostały opublikowane haiku Ernesta Wita. Gratulacje!

6 listopada 2016- w Modern Haiku 47:3 (Autumn 2016)
link do magazynu

W lutym 2017 w Bottle Rockets Press  (publisher of haiku, senryu & other small poems)
link do magazynu ).

Także w lutym – haiku, uprzednio opublikowane w czasopiśmie PresenceBritain’s leading independent haiku journallink do magazynu ), zostało wybrane do antologii The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2016 „Dust devils” (link do magazynu ).

W Modern haiku vol. 48.1 (Winter-Spring 2017)
as cold
as your hand
autumn frog

oraz Modern Haiku vol. 48.3 (Autumn 2017)

the loose hair
of an old willow
autumn wind

Presence nr 58 (lipiec 2017) – 2 haiku
September chill
the future begins
too early

bragging about
her weekend plans
girl Friday

Presence nr 59 (listopad 2017)
falling into
the warm cup of her hands
first snowflakes

Haibun An accidental meeting

How is he, how am I, how are others. The brain is a machine for comparing. He waited for a break in the conversation to start talking about himself. Boring as a scenario of a thriller. It smelled of an old crime story and he was decaying. More bacteria in the mouth than on the toilet seat of a long-distance train. Komodo dragons kill not with teeth but saliva. Genuinely moved, couldn’t get a word out, only tears. The news fell on him like a drunk chimney sweep from the roof. Finally a touch of black humor. Broken spine, wheelchair from the waist down.

the daguerreotype
of my memory
deserted streets

Publikacja haiku w amerykańskiej antologii “They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku”. Wydawnictwo Middle Island Press, 2017, red. Robert Epstein
a walk with father
the stream slowing down
near the mouth

Publikacja haiku w amerykańskiej antologii: “The Wonder Code: Discover the Way of Haiku and See the World with New Eyes”. Wydawnictwo Girasole Press, Chappaqua NY, 2017, red. Scott Mason

falling snow
her deep
husky whisper


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