12th PIHC – results

The 12th Polish International Haiku Competition (PIHC) 2022


First Prize

sumi-e painting
a crow breaks
the snow’s silence

Brendon Kent, United Kingdom

Second Prize

deep winter
the harmonious silence
of the reeds

Maria Tomczak, Poland

Third Prize

scared starlings –
a dog loans its voice
to the scarecrow

Aljoša Vuković, Croatia

(listed in alphabetical order of surnames)

black clouds
father’s face

Bakhtiyar Amini, Germany


winter fog
we wind up in the middle
of everywhere

Keith Evetts, United Kingdom


late autumn evening
a drunkard is reciting
sonnet eighteen

Zelyko Funda, Croatia


lifting fog
a wildflower finds
its colours

Ravi Kiran, India


window ajar…
curtain catches the shapes
of the autumn wind

Nina Kovacic, Croatia


winter solitude
our photos in the album
still stuck together

Indra Neil Mekala, India


Spring thaw…
the snow in my hair

Elena Naskova, North Macedonia


street lamp
the first snowflakes show up
from the invisible

Eduard Tara, Romania


bitter cold
a streetlight shining
on his pillow

Susan Yavaniski, USA


Thanks to all 318 authors from 54 countries who have sent their haiku to the 12th Polish International Haiku Competition. Haiku was received by Małgorzata Formanowska who sent them anonymously to Robert Kania, who made the final verdict.

Australia (10), Austria (3), Bangladesh (5), (1), Belgium (5), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2), Brazil (1), Bulgaria (11), Canada (7), Croatia (34), Cyprus (1), Denmark (4), Finland (1), France (7), Germany (11), Ghana (2), Greece (1), Hungary (1), India (33), Indonesia (3), Iran (1), Ireland (2), Italy (19), Japan (1), Lithuania (4), Malaysia (1), Montenegro (5), Nepal (1),  Netherlands (1), New Zealand (3), Nigeria (2), North Macedonia (3), Norway (4), Pakistan (1), Philippines (6), Poland (16), Portugal (1), Romania (28), (4), Serbia (4), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (2), South Africa (1), Sri Lanka (3), Sweden (1), Switzerland (2), Trinidad and Tobago (1), Tunisia (1), Türkiye (2), Ukraine (2), United Arab Emirates (1), United Kingdom (17), USA (33), Vietnam (1)

All the best in 2023.

Robert Kania, Member of Board of the Polish Haiku Association – Final Judge
Małgorzata Formanowska, Member of the Polish Haiku Association – Pre-selector
Krzysztof Kokot, Honorary Member of the Polish Haiku Association – Originator

December 31, 2022

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