10th PIHC 2020 – results

The 10th jubilee Polish International Haiku Competition (PIHC) 2020


First Prize (for gift for observation and arousing curiosity)

corner of the window –
Hunter’s Moon and the spider
same size

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara, Romania

Marta Chocilowska’s judging commentThe Hunter’s Moon is seen as a prime time to hunt during the post-harvest, pre-winter period when conditions were optimal for spotting prey. In this haiku delights the relation that was created using the juxtaposing technique of similarity and association. The combination of the Hunter’s Moon and a hunter’s spider creates a very strong emotional impression. Its mood and sense is splendidly captured in image and word. Further, the third verse includes the moment of wonder by making both observed objects equal in size, perhaps seen from worm’s-eye view. The moon will be gone soon. And what will the spider do then?

Second Prize (for the beauty of effect)

clap of thunder
a heron unfolds
into the echo

Tom Bierovic, USA

Marta Chocilowska’s judging comment: An echo is a reflection of a sound that reaches the listener with a delay. Herons fly with a characteristic S-shaped neck. Rotating this view by 90 degrees brings the association with a computer recording of an acoustic wave. The thunderclap rolls slowly over the water, and the acoustic wave view converts into an image of a flying heron. Isn’t it  a truly magical thing, to show the mindfulness of the poet who gathers the past, present and future moments in one?

Third Prize (for the plainness and child’s joy)

we are walking
me and the autumn leaf
on my shoe

Ewa Moskalik, Poland

Marta Chocilowska’s judging comment: This haiku brings a smile on my face each time I read it. In these difficult times of pandemic, we have been more than usual suffering from loneliness, climate change, old age and long-winded daily routine. And it turns out that we can make it a bit more bearable! Moreover, we can change this! What we ought to do? Go for a walk, even in the sole company of an autumn leaf, which briskly keeps pace with us. If it was as simple as that.

(listed in alphabetical order of surnames)

from dawn to dusk
every color shimmers…
first frost

Alfred Booth, France


swirling leaves…
the old wish fountain
fills with golden coins

Sebastian Ciobica, Romania


end of war –
frogs’ croaking fills
an abandoned trench

Anthony Itopa Obaro, Nigeria


cloudy harvest moon –
fumes above the chimney
of my late neighbour

Semih Ozmeric, Turkey


beyond mist
and dripping foliage
– full moon

Kerstin Park, Sweden


morning fog
the warmth of her horse’s

Gregory Piko, Australia


dry summer
deep inside a well
daylight dies

Srinivas S, India


silent nest –
I hold another autumn
inside the coat

Maria Teresa Sisti, Italy


forgotten grave
only the small bones
of leaves remain

Debbie Strange, Canada


Christmas eve
little angel
picks his nose

Li Xiao, Russia

Thanks to all 320 authors from 52 countries who have sent their haiku to the 10th Polish International Haiku Competition. Haiku was received by Robert Kania, who had rejected haiku not meeting the rules of the competition and sent them anonymously to Marta Chocilowska, who made the final verdict.

Algeria (1), Argentina (2), Australia (6), Azerbajian (1), Belarus (1), Belgium (3), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Bulgaria (10), Canada (15), China (1), Chinese Taipei (1), Croatia (27), Finland (1), France (6), Germany (3), Ghana (2), Hungary (1), India (49), Indonesia (3), Ireland (2), Italy (21), Japan (1), Lithuania (1), Malaysia (1), Montenegro (3), Morocco (1), Nepal (1), Netherlands (4), New Zealand (4), Nigeria (3), North Macedonia (1), Pakistan (2), Philippines (5), Poland (32), Portugal (1), Romania (17), Russia (9), Serbia (3), Singapore (1), Slovenia (1), South Africa (1), Spain (1), Sri Lanka (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (3), Tajikistan (1), Tunisia (1), Turkey (2), Ukraine (4), United Kingdom (19), USA (37), Vietnam (1)

Marta Chocilowska, President of the Polish Haiku Association – Final Judge
Robert Kania, Treasurer of the Polish Haiku Association – Pre-selector
Krzysztof Kokot, Honorary Member of the Polish Haiku Association – Originator